Staff Training and Business Training with Discipline!

If you’re serious about staff training and business training…  if you’re looking to create a high tempo, results-driven operation…  if the people in your business are your business…

It’s time to go Above and Beyond!

Above and Beyond Training Solutions is not your average business training service.  Located in Perth, Western Australia, its foundation is embedded in the most disciplined industries in the world – the Military and Police.

Our service draws on almost 19 years of police training  and a high level of behaviour assessment to identify and dissolve issues in your business.

There’s no ‘high-fiving’ at Above and Beyond! 

If your team or business isn’t operating at their best …… or there are some issues you can’t put your finger on…. We can help. We will:
INVESTIGATE and audit your current processes or situation;
IDENTIFY what is causing it and how we can make it better; and
INFLUENCE positive change in the workplace.
We guarantee we’ll make positive changes – or your money back!

Our training services cut through the ‘love-fest’ often associated with business training.  Instead, we teach discipline and tactical techniques to help improve performance, increase productivity and manage relationships between leaders, employees and customers.

Real outcomes, real benefits! 

Our structured programmes are down to earth and relevant to the current business environment.  They are designed to have real life and sustainable outcomes.

Our staff training and business training  services will help you:

  • Improve your ability to communicate with employees, colleagues and customers
  • Influence others
  • Improve the trust, respect and confidence in professional relationships
  • Resolve conflict resolution issues
  • Help build a high performance team
  • Improve business performance

Teaching people about people
Managing emotions, having the right mindset, self discipline and the ability to influence  – it can all impact on your personal and professional life!

Our staff training and business training services are tailored to both individuals and groups, and our programmes are designed to identify and combat issues that have negative impact on a business. These may include investigation training, conflict resolution, investigative techniques, business leadership, new staff interview training, emergency management and incident investigation.

All workshops are available Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

Our services include: