Business Training Solutions

Business Training Solutions

Above and Beyond’s business development training and employee training covers the three most important triggers of modern day business – Confidence, Communication and Commitment.

Our representative undertakes a team audit and investigates opportunities to further develop the team and/or business in terms of performance and productivity.

Our business development training and employee training includes:

•    Business Warfare

•    Exceeding Customer Expectations – Your point of difference

•    Dealing with Conflict


Business Warfare

It’s an assault on your business!  This flexible business development training and staff training program aims to close the gaps that are holding back your team.

The service is best suited to organisations that require a good ‘shake up’ and aren’t scared to step outside the comfort zone to achieve it.  We work with individuals and organisations to optimise triggers for long-term results.

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Exceeding Customer Expectations – Your point of difference

Exceeding Customer Expectations – Your point of difference discusses the principles and benefits of superior customer service and provides some necessary skills to develop and deliver quality customer service.

The training addresses the principles and value of quality customer service, effective strategies to deliver the best service you can – consistently, and how to deal with difficult customers.

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Dealing with Conflict

Conflict remains a part of everyday life both at home and at work. Learning to manage and deal with conflict therefore becomes an important skill required by all – from customer service staff to Managing Directors. Many people manage conflict by avoiding it. Whether it’s workplace disputes, difficult people or unresolved conflicts, all have a flow-on effect and often leads to fractured relationships, low morale and unhappy customers. Does this sound familiar? Can you afford the pain this causes?

Our Conflict Resolution Training provides usable and relevant techniques when dealing with difficult persons and situations. More importantly, it will provide your staff with the confidence to manage conflict.

This business training topics can be tailored to meet your requirements, including keynote presentations.

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