Investigation & Compliance Training

Investigation & Compliance Training

Above and Beyond provides specialist qualifications in investigation and interviewing techniques to assist organisations requiring a special skill-set in the area of corporate governance, incident investigation and best practice investigative procedures.

Below is a list of training offered however for those wanting Nationally Accredited Training, we also deliver the Certificate IV of Government (Investigation) and the Certificate III Investigative Services.

And what better experience is there to draw on than that of a police investigator.

Come and find out why Above and Beyond Training Solutions are proving to be leaders in Investigative Training.  All workshops are available Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

Specialist training offered includes:

Investigation Techniques
Be your own business analyst, our investigative training prepares employees to take charge when conducting investigations, attending to workplace accidents and completing compliance work.  It will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct effective and accountable investigations, capable of withstanding scrutiny from external authorities.

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Interviewing Techniques
Interviewing techniques training is an intensive workshop designed to enhance individual skills when interviewing witnesses and suspects.  The course provides staff with an opportunity to learn best practice techniques used in law enforcement organisations world-wide. It covers an introduction to the psychology of investigative interviewing, as well as interviewing techniques and strategies used when interviewing witnesses and suspects and conducting research in relation to workplace accidents.

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Incident Scene Management
This training session provides assistance to staff likely to attend incident scenes in the workplace.  It will provide essential information in controlling and coordinating a scene for evidence gathering or scene preservation for other investigating bodies. Skills learnt can and should be applied to any incident scene, from workplace accidents to workplace deaths.

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Conducting surveillance
This training is aimed at private investigators or other investigating bodies conducting surveillance as part of their business function.  The course is designed for persons that have little or no experience in surveillance and provides a basic understanding of the principles of conducting mobile and static surveillance of persons or properties.

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