Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

Oscar Persichitti provides a colourful, entertaining and informative keynote address at conferences, conventions and seminars.

Presentations can be targeted to specific industries and issues and/or personal development. Oscar draws from his depth of real-life police and military experience to really drill important information into the audience.

Sessions are interactive and eye opening. Oscar is skilled in using his experience in extreme situations to provide realistic, tangible advice and guidance in the current business environment.

Subjects covered include …

  • Business Warfare – This presentation focuses on the 3 important triggers of modern day business – Confidence, Communication and Commitment.  The ‘high- tempo daily operations’ required to sustain PERFORMANCE OUTCOMES, hinges on the synergy of staff and their performance, the Organisational Culture, and the Tactics employed.  This all-out “Offensive Action” is designed to reinforce key behaviours to help you win the battle in Business Warfare.
  • Exceeding Customer Expectations – Your point of Difference – When you’re out in the frontline, that first impression and interaction determines what happens next! For some, it could be the difference between life, injury or death.  For most, that initial interaction determines Business SUCCESS.During this initial contact, your customer begins to qualify whether or not they like what they see or hear.  How your team deploys when ‘the first shot is fired’, could determine the outcome of the battle.
    This presentation aims at ensuring your team employs the right tactics at the right time to ensure Business Victory.
  • Live Life by Choice – Not Chance –    Are you just going through the motions day in – day out?  Here’s a chance to refocus your energy. We all have the ability to live life through CHOICE, not chance.  This presentation will discuss the key triggers of Confidence and Commitment and is designed to motivate you to reach personal goals and milestones.  Let us prepare and discipline you to take responsibility, deal with adversity and push outside of your comfort zone to achieve results.
  • Dealing with Conflict – Many people manage conflict by avoiding it. Whether it’s workplace disputes, difficult people or unresolved issues, all have a flow-on effect and often leads to fractured relationships, low morale and unhappy customers.
    This presentation focuses on the key areas of: Emotional Intelligence, Behaviour and Response, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications, and the Effective styles of Managing Conflict.
  • Personal Leadership – Are you looking for the same old boring Leadership 101 training? Try someone else then!
    Today’s Leaders need to satisfy and maintain the loyalty of demanding customers and at the same time, Empower and Engage an increasingly diverse workforce.  Are your Leader’s LEADING FROM THE FRONT or hiding behind desks?
    This presentation aims at ensuring your Leader’s are out there being seen, listening to staff, maintaining morale and dealing with problems and conflict. It delivers you REALITY 101!

Keynote speaker performances are available Australia wide, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth.

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