Leadership Development Consulting

Leadership Development Consulting

There’s so much more to being a leader in the workplace than just wearing the status.

Effective leaders must do more than ‘talk the talk’.  They must actively lead troops into battle and pave the way to business success.

Leadership development and developing leadership skills is not limited to people in management – it is appropriate and integral to every staff member in your business.

Above and Beyond’s Leadership Development program is performance driven and draws on real life experience for results-driven outcomes.

We will come to your workplace and problem solve your performance issues.  We will then use a combination of training and coaching to improve performance by driving personal and/or organisational change, ensure you have a motivated and skilled workforce, and prevent and manage team issues.

A coaching relationship can be developed to facilitate growth through a personalised plan and one-on-one meetings. The ancillary coaching process ensures that the time invested by the client is of high value and relevant to the individual and their outcomes.  It accelerates the learning process through specific and targeted feedback, and tailored activities.

Alternatively, our leadership development training courses include:

  • Leading from the Front
  • Communicating with Effect
  • The Discipline of Managing Time

Leading from the Front 
So far from Leadership 101 training!  Leading from the Front takes Leaders from hiding behind their desk to training them to be seen, listen and maintain morale in the workplace.

It’s an all-encompassing business development training solution that uses practical lessons to engage and drive leaders towards building high performance teams capable of delivering results Above and Beyond.

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Communicating with Effect
Communicating with Effect is a flexible training program aimed at developing individuals to increase their influence and confidence when communicating both professionally and personally.   The training can be tailored to meet gaps in performance, delivering a presentation with impact, or when dealing with conflict situations.  It incorporates the importance of mindset, first impressions and non-verbal communication techniques to ensure you take control and present yourself to be the confident professional you are.

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The Discipline of Managing Time
High achievers use effective time management skills to operate on a daily basis.   They know what their goals are, how to get there, and organise their days around achieving them.   More importantly, they have the self discipline to stick to them!

This program is aimed at helping individuals take control of their workload.  It discusses personal motivation, delegation of skills, organisation tools and crisis management.

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